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Hi, I'm Samantha

A practitioner of many concepts.

This a practice of perpetual learning and unlearning, to learn again. To expand and deepen our capacity for discomfort, and joy. To cultivate curiosity amidst the unknown. To allow space for faith and trust to not only exist, but flourish. To stimulate the desire for eventual self mastery, and promoting the idea that you will be supported along the way.

If you've found yourself here, welcome.

Let's find you.

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I received a tarot card reading & reiki session combo from Sam...where to begin. I felt 1000 times lighter and ready to see what the future held. The session was phenomenal, but what came after was something I've never experienced after a reading or reiki session. I felt moved to grow. It was uncomfortable at first, but now I can finally say I am fully right on track. I credit Sam's work with getting me over the final hurdle of my self transformation and I can not thank or recommend her enough.


Let's explore together

Which journey are you ready to take?

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Basic Birth Chart Reading

Your own unique blueprint

Let's travel beyond Sun sign astrology and dive deeper into what makes you, well, you. Our birth chart, or Natal chart is a unique map of our life, laid out in front of us. We will uncover your strengths, sensitivities, and specific patterns that exist within the planetary bodies, zodiac signs, and house systems and how to best integrate them in our day to day life.

Profection Year Reading

Happy Solar Return!
What's next?

As we age, the wheel turns, and as that wheel turns, there are certain themes or patterns that will present themselves and repeat over the course of the year. This is called annual profections. Once you have a basic understanding of your personal birth chart, we can identify what the themes of your year will entail based on your age and the placements within your chart.


Energetic healing

What is Reiki? Reiki is a chakra based treatment to stimulate healing throughout the energetic body. It is an ancient method used to balance and manipulate energy flow within the body. Reiki is used to manage pain, for relaxation, to clear your mind, ground and soothe your nervous system, or even simply just to stimulate the best nap you've ever had.

Spirituality + Witchcraft

Deepening our connection to source

What does it mean to be spiritual? What is witchcraft? Well, that is open to interpretation and I'm here to assist you in determining what your definition of those are. Spirituality and witchcraft are terms that cover a lot of different practices. They are methods of incorporating materials into your daily or weekly routines that can aid your ability to ultimately balance, intensify, or transcend your current reality. 
This includes tarot and oracle readings, tracking moon cycles, journal and manifestation practices, utilizing kitchen, herbal, candle and crystal magic, as well as spell casting.

Other Offerings

Educational Info + In person events

Coming soon

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If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a reading or a session, would like more information about the services I have to offer, or would simply just like to chat please fill out this form.

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