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Hi, I'm Samantha

A certified spiritual coach, a reiki master teacher, a practicing astrologer and a forever student in this limitless existence.

I had my first "spiritual awakening" back in 2013. Back before it had terminology, was talked about regularly, and certainly before it was widely accepted, encouraged and embraced. I had stumbled into this experience blissfully unaware of how intense this journey can be. I did next to none of the work necessary in the beginning to assimilate to this new way of being, and often toggled back and forth year in and year out taking it seriously and falling back into the familiar and the comfortable.

Fast forward to 2018, when all the signs and experiences had drastically intensified and it had become glaringly obvious that I needed to implement structure, ritual, and to really immerse myself in knowledge and education to better navigate this new path. I took a deep dive into consuming as much information as I could over the next few years. Books, certifications, private lessons, and different communities. Until I had come to the realization that all the wisdom I had been seeking elsewhere was within me all along. I just didn't trust myself. I needed to hear out loud that what was experienced and received was truth. What a gift.

What I am here to provide you in this space is simply the outward affirmation and validation needed that you, too, have all the wisdom you seek right inside of you. We can shine a light into every dark space, together.

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