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8th House

That's how you learn, see.

The same lessons draped in different costumes.

A promise dressed, tempting you, as something new.

Ready to lure you back in, rinse and repeat.

It's easy to get lost here in the lesson.

We secretly want the learning to be painful.

Pain can be comforting.


Finding that comfort in these experiences can be frightening.

Like noticing a ghost for the first time.

A shadow, we thought. Now shapeshifting.

Existing. Fleeting. Moving.

Frightening, and comforting.

Comforting and frightening.

Developing the ability to see that everything is nothing

And nothing is everything

All at the same time.

Familiar. Frightening.

We wish away our peace just as often as we wish away our pain.

So why not let our pain pull up a seat, stay awhile.

A lesson in allowance.



Existence is temporary.

Existence is forever.

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