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I didn't realize how much I daydream until I was washing dishes the other day and thought to myself - how did I get here? I blinked and 3/4ths of the week passed by. Was I even here for it? Where did I go?

That's the thing about living fast. It's conditioned. It's familiar. It's exhilarating. My exhaulted Virgo Mercury lives for the thrill of the fast pace. The quick mind. A constant task. The whirlwind of chaos always needing to be somewhere. A solid dose of adrenaline to the nervous system. Despite the societal acceptance and expectation, it's not sustainable.

I know this.

My soul knows this.

I am caught in the constant fluctuation of haphazardly bulldozing through life and events, and letting my breath escape, leading my consciousness out. Through yoga or meditation, even simply staring out a window. My soul leaving my mind and my body far behind to explore the depths of the ethereal. Where time is merely an idea and I am free to flow. Swimming. Fluid, like water, with no solid destination.

It's easy to get lost there, I have my natal Neptune in the first house.

The dreams, they turn to messages.

Messages turn to insights.

Insights turn to clarity.

You see what happens when we slow down?

Connection. Beautiful, undeniable connection to the intangible thing that we can not see. The fast pace leaves no space for real connection. It's exhausting. It's repetitive. It's numbing. Who wants to be numb?

So for today, I am choosing the dream. The breath, and the slow and intentional uncomfortable growth that accompanies it. The change. Even if it's just, for today.

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