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What do you do when all you know is pain?

Faced with a life filled with hopes and dreams, materialized.

Still feeding habits, hungry, begging to be released.

“Haven’t you had enough?”

What do you do when all you know is struggle?

While surrounded by seemingly supportive acts of love from a formless sea of “are you really there’s?”

Weightless, like ghosts.

What do you do when all you know is uncertainty


Conflict and heartbreak

Do you continue to live in the pieces crudely glued together guarding like the Cerberus.

The gate of Hades, inviting and terrifying.

What do you do when it’s time to let go?


Clenched fists and gritted teeth.

The weight of the story of the girl with tired bones and an aching soul ready to unravel.

A light, the light

Tracing the halls, the walls, the floors

Permeating every surface

Disturbing every store bought pattern

Engulfing every self imposed lock and chain on the desires of wholeness, swallowing.

What do you do when the story is told?

Is there acceptance, from every story told before and every story told then after.

Do you still live in the pages between words, chasing feelings

Or do you allow peace finally known.

Actualized, arrived.

Coexist, make space.

What do you do when you finally embrace

The liminal space between the two

When strength is only strong in its ability to be soft

When the urge to run is eventually met with the need to pause.

A delicate balance. Identifying as none.

What do you do when all you’ve known is pain?

The sun still shines beneath the clouds

My god, let go, just feel the rain.

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