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Let us journey together

What is calling you?


Birth Chart Interpretation

An intro to YOU

What is a Birth Chart? Well, it is a snapshot of the sky taken the moment you were born. We look at that picture to discover how the planetary bodies, zodiac signs, and house systems influence you and your life.


Tarot and Oracle readings

Intuitive guidance

What is a Tarot Reading? A Tarot reading or "card reading" is a form of cartomancy. It can provide clarity and insight channelled through spirit, myself, and a deck of cards.
You ask a question, and we interpret the answer per the cards.



Energetic healing

What is Reiki? Reiki is a chakra based treatment to stimulate healing throughout the energetic body. It is an ancient method used to balance and manipulate energy flow within the body.


Practical Witchcraft

Deepening our connection to source

What is Witchcraft? It is an ancient term that covers a lot of different practices. Also known as "the occult" it is a study of a metaphysical reality that transcends our general understanding.
This includes kitchen, herbal, candle and crystal magic.
As well as spell casting.

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